Небольшой вентилятор может иметь большое значение!


Когда дело доходит до потолочных вентиляторов Haiku, могут ли наши клиенты действительно сказать что это лучше из всего что они видели.

Когда мы попросили их поделиться своими эмоциями о наших лучших вентиляторах Haiku, подавляющее число ответов не было для нас неожиданностью.

Посмотрите некоторые фотографии и комментарии от наших клиентов.

Хотите поделиться своей историей Haiku?
Напишите нам свой отзыв вместе с фото на адрес info@haikufan.ru и мы с удовольствием разместим ваши комментарии.

  • Dick-J.
    "When our Haiku came, we couldn’t believe how great the fan was. We found the lower speeds were fine even for a very hot night. We were kept comfortable and didn’t have wind blowing on us—and we couldn’t hear the fan at all!"
  • Carla S.
    Carla S.
    "We LOVE our fan. Weird but true. It keeps us cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. It lulls us to sleep and adds a relaxing element to our bedroom sanctuary."
  • Lynn S.
    "I fell in love with a two story space - but I was well aware that it would pose certain challenges in terms of heat distribution. The Haiku fan provided an economically sound solution to those issues year round."
  • Bob S.
    "We love our Haiku fan! It is stunning in aspect as well as performance. It has surpassed my expectations for quiet operation as well as the gentle air movement. I have rarely ever seen a better engineered or manufactured product. The installation instructions were a model of clarity and simplicity and everything was exactly as stated. I am confident our Haiku will give us years of serene and graceful operation. I routinely recommend the Haiku and Big Ass Fans to our friends and visitors."
    "Its pure functional form makes it the nicest looking fan I've ever specified. As my brother said, 'Somebody spent a lot of time on this design until they got it just right'. He's an Industrial Designer who has worked for some very note-worthy companies who pride themselves on superb design (like Ferrari)."
  • Randy V.
    "The wiring was easy and hanging and mounting was easy because it’s not heavy. I went with the LED light system and was surprised that it has 7 or 8 light levels. I told my wife I’ve got to let them know what a great product they have and how pleased I am."
  • Senka T.
    "Love the Whoosh mode- sleeping under it in our bedroom is truly a dream now."
  • Craig S.
    "We really like our new Haiku fan. It operates silently and pushes the exact amount of air around that we dial-in on the remote. Installation was easy because we replaced an existing fan from a popular manufacturer that ceased to operate after 3 years. I am expecting much longer life from my Haiku fan."
  • Justin L.
    "I recently installed one of your fans in my living room. It has made a ton of difference in moving the air in the room. I heat with firewood, and have a vaulted ceiling so getting the heat from the top of the room to the floor is vital. I am very impressed. "
  • Sarah R.
    “The Haiku ceiling fan is quiet and looks great.”
  • Brittany W.
    "Just wanted to send you a big thank you for all your help with the purchase of our Haiku fan. We absolutely love it! Everything came undamaged, the fan was a breeze to install and it works AMAZING! It's so nice to get such great customer service and such a well made product! Thanks again, we will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a fan!"
  • James M.
    "My 3 ½ year old daughter helped me install our Haiku. She was thrilled with the Fanny logo and loves pointing it out. She even named it ‘Fanny’ because of the logo. She asked my folks when they visited, ‘Do you want to see my Fanny?’. That was worth a chuckle. My wife has even given in – she asked if the fan made her a ‘Big Ass Wife’… I said ‘we’re just a Big Ass Family.’"
  • Kelly R.
    "We love the design and efficiency. It’s nice to see a product redesigned. Our electrician was completely in love with the stabilizing ceiling bracket. He was thrilled we bought a second, he couldn’t wait to install it again!"
  • Vivan G.
    "Haiku is one of the best purchases we’ve made for our new house. It is beautiful and creates a more intimate space in our cathedral ceiling master bedroom. It is both quiet and elegant."
  • H. Cernitz
    "Our white Haiku looks great in our bedroom and makes the room very comfortable in winter and summer. One side of the room was very cold in winter but the fan distributes the heat evenly. Best thing we purchased for the bedroom!"
  • Linda W.
    "We love our Haiku… and so does anyone who has seen it! Not only is it beautiful, but it works better than any other fan! It moves air so well that I haven’t even needed the furnace this winter. It was a blessing in the summer too!"
  • Mickey S.
    "The Haiku fans were the perfect choice for this home and I get compliments on them every day!"
  • G.S.
    "Thanks for making the best fan on the market."
  • Gordon M.
    "Haiku is really impressive. The look of the fan blends in well to the ceiling."
  • Paul B.
    "Our fan looks great and gets lots of cool comments."
  • M. St Louis
    "I’m in awe of the quality and mechanical design of Haiku. It provides silent, smooth air flow – so much that I can sleep with it above my bed. I will never buy another fan; it’s top notch across the board. Thank you for bringing this product to the market."